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We take pride in being the Acholi Regional center of excellence in specialized medical and health services, health research, and health training.

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Certified Specialists Committed to Excellence

Gulu Regional Referral Hospital employees are certified medical and non-medical practitioners. We welcome the opportunity to collaborate in the care of our patients as well as in offering other services. 


Our Services

Community Health

The Community Health Department is mandated to support health and productivity through promoting health and preventing disease.

Clinical Care

Clinical Care is consulted by patients for a variety of health issues, such as child, mental health care, minor or major acute diseases and chronic disorders.

Equipment Maintenance

Our Regional Medical Equipment team is available for the region in regard to medical equipment use and maintenance.

Research Initiatives

Initiation, implementation and/or participation in research within the institution and the sub-Acholi Region is one of the reasons for our existence as a research entity.

Health Training

We participate in providing long and short-term training to enable acquisition of super-specialized skills with Master, Bachelor, diploma, and certificate level qualifications.

Support Services

We contribute to records & human resource management, cleanliness, transport, security, finance as well as Procurement functions at the Hospital.

Core Facilities

All Your Medical Needs at One Place

Gulu Regional Referral Hospital has a state-of-the-art surgical infrastructure and a dedicated team. It’s a totally transformed, one-stop surgical destination offering high-quality and affordable services. You can count on us for the best surgical services.


We involve in the health care of infantschildrenadolescents, and young adults. We cover youth until the age of 18 offering treatment of all conditions including those considered acute or chronic in nature. Feel free to visit us for these and more. 

Are you in need of care during pre-conception, pregnancy, childbirth, and immediately after delivery? Or is it that you are seeking the care for all women’s health issues? We have the right services for you all a call away. You can count on us as need arises.


We specialize in dealing with the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of internal diseases. Count on us for conditions under Cardiology, Endocrinology, Gastroenterology, Oncology, Infectious diseases, Nephrology, Palliative medicine, Pulmonology, etc.


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At Gulu Regional Referral Hospital, you get all the benefits from one of the world’s best health facilities’ staffed with popular specialists that are easy to access.

Frequently Answered Questions

What happens if I am admitted?

Upon admission to the hospital, you will remain in the Emergency Department until your inpatient bed is ready. Your admitting physician will visit you during their designated ward rounds.

Will I be allowed to have visitors during my treatment?

Yes, usually, but the number of visitors is kept to a minimum. Occasionally, visitors will be asked to stay away to enable convenience to the health workers. Usually, two visitors per patient are allowed in most areas of any ward.

This gives our team sufficient space to do their job quickly and effectively. It also ensures that patients are receiving the best medical care possible while maintaining an appropriate level of privacy. You and us should make every effort to keep your loved ones informed of your condition and allow them to be with you when possible.

When will I receive my pain medication when admitted?

Because pain medication can mask important clues to your medical condition, it may not be given until tests are completed and the physician has evaluated the results. However, treatment for pain is important so please let your nurse or physician know when you are experiencing pain or if there is no relief from the medication that was prescribed. You will be asked to rate your pain throughout your stay in our department and, if admitted, on our wards.

Why do the members of my treatment team keep asking my name, date of birth, and/or next of kin?

Confirming your identity is a safety precaution. Anyone providing you with medical care must verify your identity to make sure the right patient is receiving the appropriate care. The first step toward keeping you safe is each treatment team member consistently confirming your identity.

Why does the nursing staff ask if I have to use the bathroom so often? Title

This is another safety precaution. Your nurses ask you about using the bathroom as a way of preventing falls. If a nurse is present, he or she can assist you in getting to and from the bathroom. Using the restroom while alone is riskier, even for patients who are normally steady on their feet. Certain medications, for example, have a side effect of dizziness, and walking normally after certain procedures can take time.

Why are some patients in isolation?

Patients are isolated to prevent the spread of disease to other people in the hospital environment. Isolated persons are typically highly contagious. Isolated persons may also be those who are immunosuppressed, thereby protecting them from being infected by many hospital acquired germs. Medical personnel visit isolated patients regularly and wear additional protection such as gowns and gloves.

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