Health and Medical Training

We contribute to human resource development for both staff and students. This includes long and short-term training of Health workers namely super-specialized training, master, Bachelor, diplomas, and certificates. There is also provision for in-service training through Continuous Professional Development interventions for all staff and students. The training function necessitates collaboration with major training institutions from within and out of the Acholi sub-region.

How things are done

The key activities of the section include among others:

  • Maintain training standards of practice in the hospital and beyond.
  • Ensure the trainees receive the best possible services as they are being trained.
  • Promote the Preservation of the students’ rights
    and welfare.
  • Initiate, implement and/or participate in health and medical-related training programs within the institution and the sub-Acholi Region.
  • Ensure adherence to the approved training standards.
  • Provide assurance to society of the welfare of students on placement bin the institution.