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Research at Gulu Hospital

Our Research section is responsible for ensuring that we establish the facts, especially for missing information within the region and the country at large. We, therefore, contribute to the general body of knowledge that promotes disease prevention and health promotion. Led by a Research coordinator and an institutional Research and Ethics Committee, the sky remains the limit since we endeavor to collaborate with partners that have the same interests in regard to research.

How things are done

The key activities of the section include among others:

  • Maintain ethical standards of practice in
  • Ensure the Protection of research participants and
    researchers from harm or exploitation.
  • Promote the Preservation of the research participants’ rights
    and welfare.
  • Initiate, implement and/or participate in research within the institution and the sub-Acholi Region.
  • Ensure adherence to the ethical conduct of research protocols approved.
  • Provide assurance to society of the protection of rights and welfare of research participants.