Ear, Nose and Throat Department

The ENT Department provides a wide range of therapeutic and investigative alternatives. Specialists treat ENT tumors, hearing and deafness problems, ENT abnormalities in adults and children, and other conditions using the most recent technologies. An extensive evaluation is carried out by a group of ENT surgeons and audiologists. The patient is informed of all available alternatives based on the diagnosis, including prescription medication, hearing aids, and cochlear implants.

What To Expect

At our ENT department, we treat medical conditions including:

  • Sinusitis – Typically, nasal sprays or prescription medications are used to address allergies. Surgery is needed to treat the chronic forms of sinusitis, nevertheless, if medication is ineffective. Antibiotics are typically prescribed by specialists to treat tonsillitis.
  • It is here that tonsillectomy is performed to remove the tonsils in some of the more severe situations affecting tonsils; where the condition interferes with everyday activities.
  • Eardrum perforation: The majority of perforated eardrums brought on by accidents heal on their own in a few weeks, although treatment options include analgesics to lessen pain and antibiotics to avoid infection. Myringoplasty, a surgical technique used to treat the eardrum, is performed in particular circumstances.
  • Speech Impairment – Patients with cognitive and communication problems get testing and treatment. people with speech disorders, ranging in age from infants to the elderly