Opthalmology Department

The Gulu Hospital Department of Ophthalmology seeks to provide patients and the general public with all facets of ocular care.
By offering patients the best possible medical and surgical eye treatment, our eye care specialists hope to end the misery brought on by eye disorders. Our passion is to improve people’s quality of life by improving their vision. 

What To Expect

Our multidisciplinary approach means that we can treat not just basic eye disorders but also eye issues brought on by other systemic diseases like diabetes, thyroid disorders, autoimmune diseases, stroke, etc. 

Since we are a multi-specialty hospital and many eye disorders are related to specific medical conditions, we refer patients to other specialties for examination and thorough, multi-disciplinary care. The department provides all services, including screening and treatment of cataracts, glaucoma, and diabetes-related eye issues, as well as other prevalent eye ailments.

We do provide also:
• Prescriptions for eyeglasses and contact lenses
• Assessment of individuals who might experience visual loss or complaints but lack a diagnosis.

Our highly skilled ophthalmologists, who are medical professionals skilled and specialized in treating and caring for eyes who handle challenging medical and surgical problems of the eye, collaborate with the primary eye care team.
Additionally, we have available ophthalmologists with subspecialties in treating various eye conditions who are all skilled in performing successful cataract procedures using contemporary methods.