Tips on Exercises for seniors over 70

Elderly couple engaging in light exercises together, promoting active aging

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Exercises for seniors over 70 have become the norm for senior citizens to indulge in.  This is done by seniors as a necessity for their health and well-being. However, everyone should do it since it is healthy.

Numerous chronic illnesses, such as obesity, diabetes, heart disease, and stroke, can be warded off with regular exercise among seniors over 70. Studies have shown that exercise also helps increase strength, balance, and coordination in these senior citizens. Other reported benefits of exercises for seniors over 70 include:

  • Boosting of mental health
  • Lowering the risk of osteoporosis
  • Reduced development of falls.
  • It can enhance cognitive performance and support maintaining brain health, which is just one of the many advantages for senior folks’ mental health.
  • Lowered risk of Alzheimer’s disease, dementia, and other types of cognitive decline.
  • Elevating of mood and reduce stress.

Thus, it is important for seniors to engage in regular exercise to maintain their overall health and well-being.

Starting a senior citizens’ exercise program can be intimidating for elderly folk. Finding the time and inspiration to exercise might be challenging to the senior citizen though this should not put you off. With a little imagination and extra work, you may begin a fitness regimen that is customized to your seniors’ requirements and interests.

There are numerous workouts available to pick from when it comes to getting seniors started with active lifestyles that are dominated by exercises. Here are some simple exercises for seniors and suggestions to get you started:

Balance Beams

Seniors can begin to develop their balance and coordination by using a balance beam. Simply place your feet shoulder-width apart on the beam and hang on to the railings. Move your body slowly back and forth while maintaining a straight neck and head. This senior workout is really easy to conduct and may be done at your house.

Use of Walkers

Seniors can move about and stay active by using a walker. Many senior citizens utilize a folding walker to make their movements safer and more autonomous. A senior should start by standing in the middle of the walker, which should be placed in the middle of the room. However, using a walker properly requires some skill. More significantly, using a walker improperly can actually make you more likely to fall or experience body pain. A senior may need to be gently reminded on a regular basis that making the extra effort will be worth it for their safety and independence.

“Those who think they have no time for bodily exercise will sooner or later have to find time for illness.”

Practise Tai Chi

An ancient martial technique called tai chi is frequently practiced for its therapeutic properties, especially as an exercise for seniors over 70. The seniors’ balance and coordination can be improved, which can lower their risk of falling. One of the best workouts for senior citizens’ mental and physical wellness is tai chi. Even while it requires a high level of ability and understanding, it can be learned quickly and has immediate health advantages. For many people, it begins as a lifetime journey that never ends.

Go Walking

Walking is a terrific way to burn calories and strengthen your heart. Seniors may feel more attentive and mentally stimulated as a result of it. If you have any diseases or health issues, even if they don’t appear serious, it’s crucial to seek advice from your doctor before you indulge in this exercise. They may suggest an exercise specialist or assist you in making the right activity choices for your health and fitness needs.

Engage in Yoga

Yoga is a fantastic exercise to increase strength and flexibility. Seniors who use it may also experience enhanced flexibility and balance with less worry and stress as well as better sleep. Yoga benefits can be enjoyed at any age. The stretching, breathing, and meditation techniques of yoga can be a terrific approach for seniors who are searching for a risk-free, efficient way to improve their physical health and general wellness.

Engage in Swimming

Swimming can be enjoyed in both indoor and outdoor pools and is a terrific method to work out the full body. Additionally, swimming can aid to enhance respiratory health and general fitness. To prevent mishaps from happening in the swimming area, safety measures should be increased when employed with older folks.

Dancing Exercise

Seniors over 70 can maintain their mental and physical health by engaging in dancing exercises. This is one of the finest ways to stay in excellent shape. Dancing as an exercise sometimes doubles as low-impact aerobic exercise. We thus urge senior folks to enroll in senior dance classes since working out with others may be a great way to stay motivated to go to your workouts as well as a great opportunity to interact and have fun. The health and wellness of senior persons are eventually improved by such planned dance exercises, where participants can enjoy dancing while exercising and connecting with one another.


All in all, If you are unable to complete some of these exercises for seniors over 70, at home or another designated places, there are a number of alternative options of therapy that may be given at physical facilities near you. Specialists may offer advice on alternative ways of indulging in exercises specifically for seniors. Some of the alternatives that may be explored can be done at home, such as gardening, and other home chore activities.

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