Emergency Medical Services

A strong Emergency Medical Services department improves patient outcomes and reduces death. At Gulu Regional Referral Hospital we have a functional and responsive Emergency care system. With a key role in saving lives, we support the safe evacuation of patients with time-sensitive conditions from communities. We respond to emergencies at pre-hospital and hospital levels. 

How things are done

Our efforts focus on:

  • Improving regionalized Emergency Care coordination from pre-hospital to facility-based emergency care in Acholi sub-region.
  • Training and equipping the Health Care Workforce to effectively triage, provide basic emergency care, and make appropriate referrals
  • Continuous review of emergency care data for quality improvement.
  • Coordinating all ambulance vehicles within the region and collaborate with neighboring regions when need arises.
  • Provision of medical support through first aid to suit events in the region. We treat minor or major ailments onsite and provide evacuation when required