Adolescent & Youth-Friendly Health Services

Our Adolescent and Youth-Friendly Health Services (AYFHS) (also called youth-friendly services, YFS) department is designed to address the barriers faced by youth in accessing high-quality sexual and reproductive health (SRH) services. We among others do the following:

  • Facilitate access of adolescents and youth within the region to health services
  • Institutionalizes use of AYFHS standards in routine MOH quality, within the Acholi sub-region improvement/assurance supervisory visits
  • Delivers higher-quality SRH services to youth
  • Empower health providers in the region to be advocates for youth
  • Encourage health-seeking behavior among adolescents and youth

What To Expect

The AYFHS department offers a variety of services and consultations. Teenagers can begin visiting the clinic when they are 13 years old and can stay until they are 21 years old. We are aware that there is a wide variety of ages with various requirements and concerns. To ensure that it addresses your particular needs and concerns, your care is customized. In order to get to know you better, the doctor or nurse will probably ask you a lot of questions. They will inquire about your eating habits, exercise routine, and academics. In addition, your health provider will inquire about any recent hospital stays or surgeries, medication use, and family history. We also bring up a few additional issues that may be difficult for you to discuss but are nonetheless crucial such as drug, alcohol, tobacco, and sexual activity use. When a parent is present at a health visit, it’s understandable that a teen may feel uncomfortable expressing serious concerns. Confidentiality is key when it comes to mental health, STD testing, and prevention of pregnancy. As an open connection fosters trust and parents can offer a wealth of knowledge and experience, teens are always encouraged to talk about these issues with their parents. Unless there is a danger for the adolescent’s health or safety, a teen’s anonymity will always be respected.