Guidelines for Placement of Individual Interns/Students at Gulu Hospital, July 2023

  1. The applicant must be a student or completed school within 1 year
  2. One must fill the placement form and attach the following relevant documents
    • National & School identity card.
    • College/ Institution Letter.
    • Proof of Payment (receipt).
    • The application should be sent at least 2 weeks before the preferred commencement of the placement.
  3. Applicants must pay a placement fee (on the Hospital Account) at a rate of UGX 50,000 per student/month.
  4. Applicants will present an acceptance letter and proof of payment (receipt) to the head of department and unit in-charge before commencement.
  5. The period of practice shall not be more than two months
  6. The applicant must:
    1. Abide by the standing orders governing the institution.
    2. Adhere to the infection prevention and control measures.
    3. Adhere to the professional dress code.
  7. The applicant will work under the direct supervision of the ward incharge /Head of department who will give a report on the applicant upon completion.
  8. The Hospital reserves the exclusive right to terminate the placement due to breech of the guidelines or other administrative reasons.

Any grievance should be addressed to the Hospital Director through the unit in charge /Head of Department.